Residual Values: Your Tools For Success


Get top tips on using RVI and RVM to benchmark against core rivals, reveal what’s driving significant automotive trends – and sell more cars more profitably.

Zoom out and spot residual value macro-trends

Identify and compare macro- trends across entire markets, brands, segments, fuel types and more using aggregated data from Residual Value Intelligence.

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Magnify detail and inspect residual value influencers

Deep dive into what effect specifications, derivatives and granular vehicle details have on current and future residual values using Residual Value Monitor.

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Understand the full impact of electric vehicles

Discover our uniquely high-quality EV tracking and forecasting data sets – including data on residual value, sales, batteries and more – with EV Volumes.

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Why residual values are critical to your performance on both new and used-car markets

Staying on top of residual value developments is critical to your financial stability – no matter where you are in the automotive chain.

OEMs use them to control price positioning and avoid B2B discounts. Leasing companies rely on them to determine around 85% of leasing rates. Remarketers use them to help decide when and where to sell.

But one thing remains the same. Boosting residual values enables you to sell more cars, more profitably.


Your tools for success: Residual Value Intelligence and Residual Value Monitor

Residual Value Intelligence provides an up-to-date view of entire markets

Residual Value Intelligence’s range of capabilities are designed to offer you easy and comprehensive access to major residual value trends across Europe.

Organisations across the global automotive chain use Residual Value Intelligence to:

  • Identify the best and worst performing markets across Europe
  • Stay ahead of the curve with reliable residual value data that’s updated regularly
  • Analyse trends with ease using filters and customisable performance metrics
  • Access a complete market view from anywhere at their fingertips

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How do I get started with Residual Value Intelligence?

Our experts have crafted Residual Value Intelligence to help you navigate residual value megatrends with ease. To get started, open RVI and:

  1. Check your homepage for a glance into residual value performances across Europe
  2. Explore your tabs to assess the data from every perspective
  3. Use handy filters to refine your analysis using different parameters
  4. Visualise how the data has changed over time using colour-coded graphs
  5. Review our local market outlook to predict how the market is likely to perform over the next 3 years

Then, action what you’ve learned to exploit cross-border opportunities, close gaps and reduce financial risks. Find out more today.

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Residual Value Monitor lets you deep dive into granular details

Residual Value Monitor helps you cut through the white noise and pinpoint key residual value influencers. It’s designed by experts to offer easy access into a comprehensive range of detailed vehicle specification data.

Manufacturers, leasing companies and more use Residual Value Monitor to:

  • Monitor, analyse and benchmark competitors’ performance against their own
  • Anticipate RV curveballs to manage risks and protect their margins
  • Understand the cause and effect of residual value changes across Europe
  • Improve their competitive residual value position to sell or lease vehicles more profitably

How do I get started with Residual Value Monitor?

We’ve designed Residual Value Mionitor to help you navigate detailed residual value and vehicle data with ease. To get started, open Residual Value Monitor online from anywhere and:

  1. Select the models you want to analyse
  2. View those models ranked by performance
  3. Benchmark your model or fleet’s performance against your competitors
  4. Uncover key variations over the time period you’re interested in
  5. Identify the cause of RV uplifts based on facelift, launch effects and many other factors

To learn more about how Residual Value Monitor helps improve your business, click below to speak to one of our experts.

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