EU car sales record low

2012 was a disastrous year for new car sales and despite starting from such a low base, albeit partly boosted by self-registrations, 2013 has got off to an even worse start as January saw sales fall by 8.7%. Of the big five markets Italy lead the way, down 17.6%, followed by France (115.1%), Spain (-9.6%) and Germany close behind down 8.6% and once again the UK bucked the trend with a further 11.5% growth. The chart below gives a stark reminder of how bad things are getting in Europe. 


At a manufacturer level Ford was the worst hit of the big players as sales fell 25.5% followed by Toyota down 16.8%, closely followed by PSA down 16.3% and Fiat down 12.3%. Considering the industry magazine Autohaus PulsSchlag described Ford, Peugeot, Renault and Fiat as the top four vehicle discounters in Germany in January this has to be worrying news for them

BMW were one of the biggest winners up 6.6% with rival Mercedes also up 3.7% compared to VAG’s Audi which saw sales down 1.9% however Jaguar Land Rover continue their march forward with sales up 19.1% and both brands doing well in their own right. Whilst JLR saw both brands doing well the same cannot be said of other sister brands and whilst Renault’s worldwide sales declined by 2%, down 10% in Europe and up 5% ROW and Nissan also saw sales fall 6% in Europe the Dacia brand saw an 8.9% rise across Europe. But perhaps one of the biggest surprises was Hyundai who saw a 2% fall compared to a 7.2% growth of their sister brand Kia. http://www.acea.be/index.php/news/news_detail/passenger_car_registrations_-8.7_in_january_2013