EU carbon targets at risk from German OEMs

Back to Europe and whilst car sales continue to fall the EU is debating the impact supercredits are having on its carbon targets. The supercredits which allow manufacturers to produce cars that exceed the 95g/km emission target by 2020 if they also make very low emission electric or hybrid vehicles has been a keen driver for some brands in the production of EVs. Given the state of the EU economy, the state of the European automotive market, the fact that the worst polluting cars are older vehicles and that everything combined is driving people to keep hold of older vehicles for longer you can’t help thinking that the European Commission would best serve Europe and the environment by trying to persuade people out of their high polluting old vehicles into the younger far more environmentally friendly vehicles already in existence. It is also rather ironic that at in the same week Audi announced plans to double its line-up of SUVs by 2020 to close the gap in sales to BMW