Fisker not moving and may stop

This isn’t a reference to the driving ability of their cars but to the fact that the manufacturer of extended-range luxury electric vehicles has been unable to produce its Karma model following the collapse of its battery maker and supplier A123 in October. Fisker has said production has only been suspended until the A123’s sale to Wanxiang, However the future viability of Fisker has come into question with the US Department of Energy (DoE) listing the recovery rate of its loan to Fisker at only 50%, meaning it does not expect to fully recover the loan. With Fisker’s credit rating sliding down to CCC, emails from the DoE describing Fisker as under collateralized and also an email to the DoE from Fisker’s COO, Bernard Koehler, saying “We need the approval for Karma or for Karma and Kx in a very short timeframe. A delay until the end of September is not possible for us or our suppliers,” indications are for a less than happy New Year ahead.