Mitsubishi halts EV production of PSA versions

If any other model, excluding niche models, sold in such few numbers they would be consigned to the automotive history books, but the level of financial commitment and the amount of Government pressure on OEMs, has until now meant that every week there is news of a new model, or price changes or almost anything to keep the Electric Vehicle in the news.

However this week it would seem that PSA and Mitsubishi have admitted building EVs when there is little demand is not good business sense and they have therefore announced that they are suspending production of the PSA badged C-Zero and iOn with no date announced for when production might restart. During the course of this year we have seen price reductions of over 16% by PSA in an attempt to increase its appeal, but the truth seems to be that buyers are just not willing to risk their hard earned cash on such new technology in such times of economic uncertainty.