CV sales down 10.6%

Whilst a fall of 10.6% is hardly good news when you compare it to the disastrous 2012, down 12.4% and December down 23.4%, it is at least a slight improvement. Apart from that one positive CV sales mirrored the car market with the UK the only major market showing any growth (+5.4%). France was down 9.8% almost matching December’s fall and both Italy and Spain saw an improvement in the rate of decline versus December with sales down 15.5% and 23.6% respectively. However Germany saw a worsening of the market as its sales decline mirrored Spain and fell 15.5%.

Interestingly whilst, in most cases, Light Commercial sales helped soften the fall felt on heavier trucks Spain and Italy both bucked the trend as LCVs fell by 18.2% and 25.7% respectively compared to CVs>16t (ES -11.1%, IT -9,3%) and CVs>3.5t (ES - 10.1%, IT -14.2%). Whilst still looking for any positive news medium and heavy coaches actually saw growth, up 9.8% compared to January 2012 http://www.acea.be/index.php/news/news_detail/commercial_vehicles_registrations_down_10.6_in_january/